Oscar de la Hoya reveals why Canelo Alvarez couldn't eliminate Gennady Golovkin in the trilogy

Canelo his Alvarez defeated Golovkin to Gennady in a trilogy match last month, ending Gennady's historic rivalry with Golovkin.

However, many in the boxing world felt that the match lacked the pace and aggression seen in the previous two bouts.

Fans expected Alvarez to end Golovkin's previous prime, but Alvarez has risen pound-for-pound.

Additionally, Saul's former promoter Oscar de la Hoya also had some insight into the sport, with the boxing legend involved in a recent fight.

The former 6th Division champion could be on the right track as lvarez looked tired in the late stages.

However, it is also possible that this was done intentionally by Alvarez, who was able to save his gas tank until the end.

De La Hoya seems to be totally freaked out when it comes to his former fighter. After Golovkin's fight, he immediately called and taunted Alvarez.