Marilyn Monroe’s Home Where She Spent Her Tragic Final Hours

When it comes to silver screen stars, they don't get much bigger than Marilyn Monroe.

Her legacy lives on, with Netflix movie Blonde currently making headlines

while earlier this year reality star Kim Kardashian wore a crystal-encrusted dress to the Met Gala that had been previously worn by the starlet to serenade President John F. Kennedy.

Over the course of her glamorous career, the icon went on to call more than 40 places home. 

From high-end hotels to small apartments and sprawling Spanish-style mansions, let's take a look inside some of the jaw-dropping properties where Marilyn lived.

The star lived in the sprawling Beverly Hills mansion for just six months before she passed away. 

Marilyn Monroe's final home

Marilyn Monroe's final home

Marilyn Monroe's final home