Kevin Spacey Trial Has Taken A Horrible Turn

2017 brought the beginning of the #MeToo movement and exposed many Hollywood elites for their abhorrent behavior towards others looking to make it in the industry.

Among those that have been brought to the forefront of the accusations is Hollywood heavy hitter Harvey Weinstein,

who is undoubtedly the face of the enemy as far as the movement is concerned, Louis CK, and Kevin Spacey. Fellow actor Anthony Rapp accused the latter of sexually assaulting him in 2017,

alleging the House of Cards actor attacked him back in 1986. While the trial is underway, 

Last week, Kevin Spacey’s lead defense attorney ripped holes in accuser Anthony Rapp’s testimony

when she cross-examined him during the $40 million lawsuit against her Oscar-winning client.

She pointed to inconsistencies and vague details of the plaintiff’s accusations, claiming the actor lied about being inspired by the New York Times article 

that kicked off the #MeToo movement to come forward about his experience.