Jamie Lee Curtis Wrote To Disney About Making A Sequel To Her Best Movie

Jamie Lee Curtis is so enthusiastic about making a sequel to Freaky Friday that she’s been pitching it to Disney,

going so far as writing to her connections in the studio. Screen Rant reports that she even has a few ideas about what such a sequel would look like.

Given that she is currently working with Disney on a Haunted Mansion remake, she has had plenty of opportunities to share her concept.

Freaky Friday has been made several times by Disney, starting with the 1976 version with Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris.

It is an adaptation of a novel by Mary Rodgers and developed a following over three remakes and a musical.

However, the best-known version stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter who trade bodies for a day, living each other’s lives.

Jamie Lee Curtis herself has the kind of clout to get the movie made.

Both her parents, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, were famous actors of their era, with Leigh being known to this day for the famous shower scene in Psycho.

Horror-thrillers are also where Jamie Lee Curtis got her start, debuting in the original Halloween as Laurie Strode, a role she still plays to this day.

Recently, during interviews promoting Halloween Ends, Jamie Lee Curtis talked about her upcoming work with Disney and her willingness to produce a Freaky Friday sequel.

She is adamant that there is more to the story of Anna and Tess Coleman as life brings them new challenges.

She explained some of her ideas recently on The View, including her enthusiasm to potentially work with Lindsay Lohan again.