Gwen Stefani Defended Blake Shelton on 'The Voice'

They may be on opposing sides as coaches on season 22 of The Voice, but Gwen Stefani will stand by her husband Blake Shelton when it's necessary.

It went down when contestant Austin Montgomery performed a rendition of Hank Williams' "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)" for his blind audition.

After Gwen, Blake and Camila Cabello turned their chairs to learn more about the singer, an intense back-and-forth ensued trying to convince him to join their respective teams.

That is, until Gwen chose to help her husband out instead of gaining another competitor herself.

"I think I could coach you really, really well, because you have so much character and so much style," Gwen began telling Austin.

"But musically, if you don't pick me don't pick Camila, okay? ... I'm being real here, guys!"

She continued: "This is your career! That man right there? This is what he loves.

He loves what you do, and so do I. Like, I would be so happy to coach you, but I want to be real."

This was not what anyone was expecting! While Gwen's method for picking team members was definitely unorthodox,

The Voice fans were touched by the singer's choice to back the country superstar when he seemed like the right choice for Austin.