Anna Delvey Spotted for the First Time Since Prison Release

Life is for living, you know, so Anna Delvey (a.k.a Anna Sorokin) is going to live it.

On Oct. 11, the 31-year-old, whose fake heiress persona and legal troubles became the subject of Netflix's Inventing Anna, stepped out in New York City apartment for a court appointment.

In true socialite fashion, Anna was dressed to impress in a stylish black trench coat, matching trousers and strappy heels.

She completed her look with oversized sunglasses and a scarf—interestingly monogramed with the initials of her infamous alias—wrapped around her head.

Anna's outing comes just days after her release from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody, where she spent more than a year behind bars for overstaying her visa.

Her attorney John Sandweg confirmed that a judge "recognized that immigration detention was no longer necessary for Anna," though the ruling "does not mean that Anna will get a free pass" as she'll be under house arrest.

"She will continue to face deportation proceedings and her release will be closely monitored by ICE and the State of New York," he added.

"As the Court found, however, the evidence clearly demonstrated that any risks can be more than adequately mitigated by appropriate supervision."

And while Anna's movements are being monitored through an ankle bracelet, she much prefers her new living arrangements than being behind bars.

As she recently explained to The New York Times, "I can have visitors beyond just 1:30 p.m. on Thursdays. We'll just see what I can do from here. I guess everybody will be coming to me."

Noting that she'll likely remain in the Big Apple as she continues to fight her deportation case, Anna added, "I'm really, really happy about that. That's exactly what I wanted. I'm just hoping to get more freedom eventually."